Master’s Prepared Nurse Interview

Master’s Prepared Nurse Interview
As a prepared Master student in nursing, there is a limited perception about the role of
graduate MSN. The hospital setting perceives the role of MSN in form of a clinical nurse
specialist, nurse practitioner, nurse administrator, and nurse educator. In other words, a person
works majorly at the bedside while attending to a patient by helping him/her in his/her daily
activities, setting goals, and administering medication. The planned interview would provide
insight into opportunities and roles that could result from obtaining MSN especially in health
care informatics. I decided to interview an assistant director of nursing from the University’s
hospital. The assistant director graduated with MSN majoring in health care informatics from
my school. The choice was based on the fact that such a person is better placed to educate or
inform MSN graduates to pursue higher roles in nursing practice or administration. Apart from
the fact that the interviewee is qualified, I am desired the manner in which he rose from the ranks
and pursued his education. Therefore, the purpose of the paper is to explore the interviewee
perception of MSN graduate majoring in health care informatics, his role, and developing new
understanding of the MSN in practice 

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