Method of Speech Preparation and Presentation

Method of Speech Preparation and Presentation
Presenting an informative, captivating and effective speech is the key to bringing an impact to the audience. The outcome of the presentation solely depends on the speaker, their enthusiasm, mastery of the subject, and composure while delivering a speech. 
Informative Speech 
Becoming a better speaker, the presenter needs to master their subject well and be capable of  delivering information with excitement. The speaker’s expression ought to assure and convince the audience and make them eager to listen. The majority of the audience might not recall everything said during a presentation, but they are likely to remember the closing and opening remarks (“Five Basic Public Speaking Tips”). Consequently, the speaker should choose the opening and closing sentiments carefully as these elements will have a great impact on the audience. 
Effective speech delivery 
The presenter should have adequate knowledge of the subject of discussion to ensure effective delivery of information to the targeted group of audience. The speaker should not tell them what they already know nor should the information be so complex that it is beyond their comprehension (“Five Basic Public Speaking Tips”). Furthermore, the speaker should know their audience beforehand, their professions, ages, number of attendees so that the chosen topic has an impact (“Five Basic Public Speaking Tips”). The primary focus of the speaker is to influence the audience with the speech; thus the emphasis needs to be on the message, and how it is reaching the audience. Overall, it would be better to be overprepared than have less information than needed. 
Mastery of Speech 
It is crucial for the speaker to know holes in his or her speech and prevent any uncertainties. If any mistake arises, it is advisable to continue with the speech and correct it in the process rather than let the audience notice it as it may drift their concentration and lose focus (“Five Basic Public Speaking Tips”). Moreover, it may make the speaker confused and tense, hence jeopardising the entire speech.

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