New Technology: Beneficial or Dangerous?

In the world today, new technology has become the order of the day. Almost everything
in our lives is becoming reliant on technology, from the food we eat to the work we do. Even the
biological processes such as reproduction in humans, animals, and plants are becoming
dependent on new technology. Everyday new technology and innovations are invented and
adopted by those who have access. It has indeed changed the world and the thinking of the
people. According to Bruce and Brooks advancements in technology are always intended to
“make things easier, save time, and increase efficiency” (125). However, not all that glitters is
gold. These technologies also come with their costs and downsides, which sometimes are
overlooked because of the benefits.
Therefore, this brings the issue of whether the new technology is beneficial or dangerous.
There have been many debates about the issue, with arguments for and against new technology.
This paper, therefore, aims to assess and explain the benefits and disadvantages of new
technology and draw a conclusion based on the evidence. 

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