Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management

Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management
Table of Contents
Introduction	3
Task 1	3
1. Human resource planning of Danube company	3
2. Selection process for the four different jobs in Danube company	5
3. The role of training and development in the staff development of the Danube company	7
4. The performance Appraisal methods followed in the Danube company for three categories of employees	9
5. The significance of employee relations and also reflect the significance of labour union in maintaining the peace among employees in the Danube company	10
Task 2	12
Introduction	12
Description	12
Analysis	12
Conclusion	13
Conclusion	13
References	14

The human resource management can be said as a strategic approach for effective management of the workforce in an organisation or company for gaining competitive advantage in the market for the growth of the organisation. The main purpose of human resource management in an organization is to maximize the performance of employees in the service of strategic objectives of employer. The human resource management can be said as an important tool of a company for managing the workforce and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their work. The organisational behaviour can be said as a significant component which involves study of the human behaviour in the setting of a company, organisation itself and interface between the organisation and human behaviour. It also involves the study of the impact of human behaviour on performance, motivation, job structure, leadership, communication and others. It provides the understanding of the various factors that are responsible for the behaviour of people in the work environment which is effective in managing and motivating the workforce in an organization. The aim of this report is to illustrate the various aspects of the human resource management with the help of the case study of Danube Company Limited which is among the leading hypermarket and supermarket chain. The company was established in 1987 and owned by the Bindawood group of companies. 
Task 1
1. Human resource planning of Danube company
The human resource planning can be said as a process of recognising the present and future requirement of human resources for a company so that it can accomplish its goals. The planning of human resource act as a link among the entire strategic plan and human resource management of the company (Rathi and Lee, 2015). The human resource planning involves five steps that are as follows:
	Appropriately defined objective: In every organization, the human resource performs various tasks and their responsibilities for achieving the objective of the company so it is important that the objective or aim of the company must be well defined. The clear understanding of the objective not only motivate the workforce but also help them in understanding their job role (Brewster, Vernon, Sparrow and Houldsworth, 2016). The objective of the Danube company is to provide easier grocery shopping to all of its customers, making the task of shopping easier convenient and seamless along with providing the convenient experience to the customers. The workforce in the company is recruited according to the skills that are required for achieving the objective of Danube company. The objective of the human resource planning in the company is to provide human resources on every level, manage and trained them so that they can achieve the objective of the company. 
	Forecasting: the planning of human resources must include the need of organisation in relevant to the human resources. The assessment of the requirement is conducted in advance so that the human resources remain available whenever required in the company. As per the, (2019), the human resource manager of the Danube company asses the need of workforce for avoiding the issues of over staffing and under staffing. In the present time the company has about 10,000 employees which are appropriate as per the number of stores of the company which are 53 but Danube company is launching its e-commerce store in the three locations that are Jeddah, Riyadh and Al Khobar (, 2019). After launch of its app the company will face the situation of understaffing therefore, the human resource department has already assessed the need of the human resource and planned the recruitment of 1000 employees in the company. 
	Shortage and surplus of the employees: The hyper market and super market of Danube merely faces any concern regarding shortage of the employees, mainly the human resources in sales department. Danube hypermarkets are the major retail stores of the country for the customers as well as the opportunity for the career growth of the individuals because of which the company receives the continuous applicants for the sales department of the company. The company prevents the shortage or surplus of the workforce by conducting analysis of sales perfor 

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