Overview the changes in healthcare practice

Nursing Practice
Overview the changes in healthcare practice
During the last 5 years, nursing profession was passing through several comprehensive changes
which increase the quality of nursing practice. The Institute of Medicine put the professions of
nursing under the microscopic surveillance and enhances the changes. Several new attempts are
taken to improve the healthcare landscape along with increasing professional expertise. Several
programs, educational researchers are emphasizing the new opportunities for nurses.
Nurses who find psychology interesting and enjoy working in the mental health field are
considered as mental health nursing or psychiatric nursing. The main aim and objective of this
kind of nursing are to create a long-term relationship with the patient to overcome their
difficulties. From last few decades, several changes have been observed in mental health nursing
to improve the condition of the patient progressively. Mental health nurses work together to
serve individuals with mental health issues and enhance their recovery process. The recovery
process can be influenced by taking proper and effective initiatives (Bisk, 2017).
The transformation of the mental health services and the nursing practice was started from
1980’s onwards. The transformation phases can be categorized into 3 ways. They are-
 Periods of De-Institutionalization
 Developing wide-ranging models of care in society.
 Diversification of service provision and delivery.
In the second half of 20th century, people with mental illness are taken to the psychiatric for
better treatment and also introducing anti-psychotic drugs and mood stabilizers as an element of
treatment. Gradually the society was realizing that unconventional behaviors of the individuals
no longer needed to be admitted to the mental asylum. They can be recovered their abnormalities
if they are appreciated in a positive way (Calzone et al., 2010). A community service provision
expanded to established community mental health facilities. The new model is able to provide
better services for the old age people suffering from mental illness along with the younger suffer.
Poor community care services have been revised to make the recovery process smooth and
supportive (Salmond and Echevarria, 2017). Innovation and Development and innovative
services have been introduced in mental health treatment process throughout the world. Services
are design in such a way that the process is able to identify and diagnose the illness at the initial
stage. The process is also supported the mental condition of the patient and helps them in quick
The transformation of the mental illness services has not occurred easily. A considerable energy
and enthusiasm were needed for the process. Several types of research have been indicated that a 
combination of few factors played an essential role to overcome the several barriers and to make
the transformation of the services. They are discussed in below (Gilburt and Peck, 2014)-
 Leadership growth in nursing.
The IOM report highlighted that the exclusive patient-centred viewpoints can able to change the
facilities and services of the mental health care centers. Advanced practice registered nurses are
able to provide quality services to the patient.
 Technological advancement
Technological advancement in past few years increases the scope of services. Through several
technological devices, the nurse can able to monitor the mental health status of the patients. In
another hand, the use of technologies also helps the nurses to obtain proper knowledge regarding
the patient’s condition and treatment procedures (Magrath, 2017).
 Innovations in service delivery
Several innovative services have supported the nursing care practices related to mental health
services. In the present day, the community services are working together with health and social
care professionals to obtain the better results and services.
 Changes in roles and Culture.
Professional roles and cultures are changing considerably to support the transformation. Some
development has been accepted in supporting the development of the professions. However, this
changes in some extent creating cultural clash among the community people. To provide the
better support and services to the patient several new techniques and courses have been
introduced. This can enrich the nurse regarding their duties and responsibilities.
 Case management and care coordination
Case management has been developed as the standard of all community health services. The
main component of the community mental health care teams needed to coordinate with their
multidisciplinary nature along with medical, nursing and social care staff. The process of
coordination ensures that the patient needs are adequately assessed and provided sufficient
services for them.
 Financial models
The most advanced transformation has been accom 

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