Peer Tutoring to Emotionally Handicapped Students

Learning disabilities may be treated with so much concern
by institutional educators today. Some may even have believed
that they already got everything under control. However, learning
disabilities per se may not be the same as that with the case of
dealing with students having emotionally handicapped situations
that particularly hinder their want of actually being able to get
the best out of the educational provisions presented to them in
the learning institutions that they are enrolled in.
Within the study that follows, the major idealisms that are
to be presented shall point out the possibilities of meeting the
needs of the young learners through the application of the peer
tutoring program. With the proposal that is to be presented
herein, the approach to the said study shall be given a clear
overview as to how it should be performed thus validated to at
least be applied in actual proceedings of education provisions to
the emotionally handicapped students.
Peer tutoring
Using Peer Tutoring to Improve Reading Comprehension Skills and
Increase School Attendance of Emotionally Handicapped Students
Part 1: Introduction
In this study, the different issues of dealing with the
educational development of the students experiencing emotional
disturbances shall be presented well in clarity. Along with the
said aspect of learning in the said issue, the implication of
other elemental factors contributing to the said issue shall also
be dealt with considerably within the context of this study. The
main reason of adding these essential factors of discussion
within the context of this research is simply to be able to
increase the knowledge of the readers with regards dealing with
the situation.
The entire study then is further expected to make necessary
achievements in making it certain that the process of increasing
educational competency among emotionally disturbed individuals is
indeed achievable and factual in the actual course of educational
progress. Through this discussion, it could be noted that the
process by which the hearts and the minds of the students could
be best reached is given the highest level of concern. Thus,
understanding the study as a whole shall give an overview to the
readers as to how they are supposed to treat individuals with
emotional disturbance issues. Undeniably too, the educators would
Peer tutoring
also learn so much from this study as they begin to examine how
strong the approach of peer tutoring is to the situation being
dealt with. Constant concentration on the matter shall also give
the readers a clarified understanding of how the said matter of
situation could be possible dealt with though assessment of
character education among students thus giving them fair chances
of having the ability to acquire the knowledge needed by each
Purpose of the Study
As noted earlier, the reason for this study is to actually
open the minds of the ones concerned to the actual possibilities
of making amends with the situation of individuals who are likely
suffering from emotional disturbances. Students are the
particular target of the study as well as their educators who are
noted to have direct connection to the being of the students as
their mentors. The peers of the students who are usually involved
in the development of the minds of the said individuals are
likely to be notably targeted as the main actors of change in
this study. This is primarily because of the fact that they are
to be the ones who would act the possibilities of helping their
Emotionally Disturbed peers in performing better in school, thus
aiming to continuously achieve better in their studies.
To have a clearer break down of the main purpose of this
study, the said points are to be presented as follows:
Peer tutoring
• To assess the possibility of creating a link between the
emotionally handicapped students and the normal students
as they are expected to help each other in their
progressive process of learning.
• To help the educators and the family members of
individuals who are affected by emotional disturbances,
understand the situation clearly, thus equipping them with
the right understanding as well as the right skill to face
the different challenges of the matter as they are trying
to make an impact on the personal development of the
individuals involved in the said health issue.
• To increase the competence of the educational institutions
in handling the major issues that are connected in dealing
with students who are primarily emotionally disturbed.
Through this triad of purposes, the study presented in this
paper shall then be handled by the researcher with much
concentration on how the young learners having special needs
shall be given the rightful attention that they are actually
supposed to receive from the educational institutions that they
are particularly involved at. Most likely, the institution 

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