Project Management

The successful completion of a project depends upon the knowledge and skills
possessed by the project manager in handling the project. The ability of the project
manager to perform the entire task in a most appropriate manner would lead to the
success of the project. However, the task of a project manager is not an easy one. It
comprises of lots of complexities and difficulties, which need to be handle with great
care. There are around nine project management knowledge areas and getting insight
into each of them helps in the effective management of a project. However, it is not
quite possible to gain knowledge about each of such nine project management areas,
but expertise in one area would result into the achievement of huge successes in
organization. As such, it should be the prime motto of an individual to acquire
sufficient knowledge on any one of the nine knowledge management areas for the
purpose of dealing with the project in a most effective manner and ensure the success
of the project (Warner, 2010).
The given reflective journal is also concerned with the selection of one of the
project management knowledge areas that I am learning about. The journal comprises
of a brief discussion on chosen project management knowledge areas and its
application in the organization where I work. The way in which the learning takes
place from the chosen project management area and its application in the business
organization is the prime concern of writing this reflective journal. The issues,
complexities and the challenges that are faced while applying such learning in the
organization and also the strategies that are adopted in resolving such issues also
forms a major part of discussion in the given reflective journal. Finally, the major 
Project Management 3
findings will be discussed highlighting the key learning that have resulted from the
chosen project management areas.
Project Management Knowledge Areas:
The project management discipline has nine major knowledge areas as per the
PMBOK. These includes, project integration management, time management, scope
management, cost management, quality management, human resources management,
communication management, risk management and finally the procure management.
Gaining insight into any one of the above mentioned nine project management areas
will ensure the achievement of success in the organization (PM Concepts: Processes
and Knowledge Areas, 2010).
Among all the nine project management areas, the selected project knowledge
management area for the purpose of learning is Project Human Resources
Management. The human resources management is one of the most important areas of
a project and the successful management of such areas would ensure high growth.
However, management of human resources is a difficult task and it becomes more
complex in case of large projects that involve large number of employees. The
management of human resources requires lots of techniques and strategies such as
motivation; compensation etc. depending upon the circumstances. This requires the
project manager to acquire sufficient knowledge about the management of human
resources, so that the better employees can be recruited and trained for effectively
conducting the project.
Learning from Project Human Resources Management:
Project Management 4
The management of human resources of the organization is quite an important
task as the efficient management of human resources would enable the organization to
achieve competitive advantage over others. A HR manager needs to address various
issues in the work place concerning the employees and as such, he/she needs to have
sufficient learning about the various dimension of the Human Resources management
(Wagen, 2006).
As far as my case is concerned, I have also learned a lot and constantly
engaged in acquiring more knowledge so that such learning can be applied for the
overall competitiveness of the organization. There are lots of projects that need to be
handled by me, and in the proper management of such projects, high level of
knowledge concerning the project management human resources is essential. As I
have been extensively involved in learning about the project HR management,
important learning so far that I have gained includes the development of motivational
skills in me. Big projects that have limited time period to complete require the
motivation skills, so that the employees of the project can be motivated to generate
the desired results. In addition to this, it is the HR manager who recruits the
employees for the project. Thus selection and retention of quality candidates for the
project has been the sole responsibility of the HR managers. All these responsibilities
of a HR require proper planning in advance. With respect to this, I have been
developing myself to plan properly about all the steps that are essential for performing
the role of a HR manager 

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