Russian Hacking in 2016 presidential elections

Title: Russian Hacking in 2016 presidential elections
In this paper, we will be discussing white Collar crime known as Russian hacking in 2016 president in which, the presidential campaign or Hillary Clinton was hacked by Russian hackers and released online which degraded her Campion, resulting in her loss in the election. Up until now, there hasn't been any confirmation on whether the Russian were truly behind the attack, however, it is clear that the major reason behind the election campaign hacking is to make sure that Hillary Clinton does not win the election. Since the crime did not contain any kind of violence, it will be considered as a white collar crime. The research study will highlight every important factor regarding Russian hacking in 2016 US elections along with the fact that why Hillary Clinton was targeted. It will explore all the possible elements of the crime and provide a detailed understanding of from different viewpoints to give the readers a better idea. The report will also talk about the latest development of the crime and how different people are associated with it while exploring their view on the hacking.
As per the report by CNN, the democratic national committee (DNC) was cautioned by the FBI in September 2015 that at least one of the computer is compromised by the Russian hackers. The IT Department of the committee scanned the entire system but did not find anything suspicious(CNN). The FBI again contacted the DNC in November 2015 and warned them that their computers are delivering information to Russia, however, IT technicians couldn't find out that the system was breached. Reports also claimed that Russian hackers made repetitive attempts before the elections in order to get into different us Institutions including the state department and White House. The strategy simply included sending phishing emails and hoping that someone click that.In March 2016, the chairman of Hillary Clinton's campaign, John Podesta received such a suspicious email which was stated by the Google that another user is trying to access his account. The email contained a link through which we can change his password. Podesta shared the email with the technicians and campaigns' help desk, who replied with the typing error that "it is a legitimate email." This allowed him to follow the instructions and change his password which allowed the hackers to access all his emails(CNN).A few months later, the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange said during an interview with British television that your website have gained access to a bunch of Clinton's email and will be publishing them. As per the report by Washington Post, Russian hackers gain access to the DNC computer system, stole important information regarding Hillary Clinton's campaign which included their research on Donald Trump along with chat exchanges and emails. However, the Russian government denied the allegations.
The cybersecurity company which was hired by the DNC also posted a public notice where they claimed that two Kremlin based Russian intelligence groups were behind the attack on their computer network known as Fancy Bear and Cozy bear. During that time, a blogger named Guccifer 2.0 claimed that he was responsible for conducting the hack and not the Russian which he proved by posting internal DNC memos along with research on Trump by the opposition. He also claimed that he said thousands of emails and files to the WikiLeaks. However, Donald Trump stated in an interview that DNC hacked themselves in order to distract from the email scandal of Clinton. Next week, WikiLeaks published around 20000 email from the DNC server which included notes where DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz insulted staffers from Bernie Sanders campaign along with various messages which suggested that the organization was favouring the campaign of Hillary Clinton instead of being neutral. Debbie Schultz gave her resignation after the leaks(MATISHAK).
Following this, the FBI begin their Investigation on the DNC hack. The hackers again publishers various cell phone numbers along with personal email addresses for Nancy Pelosi along with other members of the DNC committee(Stark). The Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that they have no ties with the hacking and identification of the culprit is not as important as the content of the leaves which is extremely important for the voters(Stark).
Over the next few months, there were another 58000 messages leaked by WikiLeaks which was hacked from John Podesta's account. The office of national intelligence along with the Department of Homeland security issued a statement on election security which states that they are confident that the Russian government is responsible for the compromises of the emails as they have done it in past as well(CNN). According to German officials, it was a Russian hacking group who was responsible for the major attack in Berlin Parliament last year which  

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