Should animals be used for research?

Should animals be used for research?
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Animals have been long regarded as a part of the biological functioning of the world.
Animals have evolved alongside humans but at the same time, humans have increasingly sought
to study animals for scientific reasons. Scientific animal experimentations have been used for
vaccines, cures, and for other human illnesses (Kolar 111). However there has been increasing
resistance to animal experimentation due its various effects. This paper will argue that animals
should not be used for scientific experimentation and research as it negatively impact’s
everyone’s well-being. Animal research and testing goes against established ethical principles, it
leads to negative effects on animals and their rights, and it also has effects on public health and
Firstly, animal research and experimentation goes against well-established ethical
principles and standards. As early as 1876, existent animal rights legislations helped to protect
and regulate animals through the “Cruelty to Animals Act” (Kolar 116). However over the years
the number of animal experiments has increased. Many countries are granting more licenses for
animal testing without adequate and accountable ethical evaluations being undertaken (Kolar
118). It is therefore no surprise that in a survey done by Angus Reid Straggles, found that over
41% of Canadians “condemned medical testing on animals” as it was considered one of the top
twenty-one ethical issues (MacQueen 47). Despite this, corporations are increasing the number
of animal tests for scientific research and have neglected animal legislative standards for a long
period of time. This goes against ethical practices on animals and will further be seen how it
impacts their rights and health.
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