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Slavery generally refers to how people were being mistreated and forced to work, were
treated as property, and denied their rights as human beings. Historically, someone was
considered wealthy even by the number of slaves he or she had. During the ancient times, trade
was the exchange of goods and services, for goods and services. Slaves used to be exchanged
with assets or other slaves depending on the agreement between the traders. Slavery has been a
major concern for quite a long time and with the preview of two pro-slavery authors’ articles,
The North and the South and A working Man by Edward J. Pringle, it will become clear why
people encouraged this activity and how the activity was being undertaken by different people
from various parts of the world.
In one of these articles, there was Carolinian who believed that people were reluctant to
admit the possibility that the relation of slavery was not to be inclusive of attainment of
Christianity by either the master or the slave. The author believes that slavery brought the spirit
of philosophic analysis, an infusion of Christian temper, and a recognition of Christian
obligations. However, he tries to explain the reason for this and argues that slavery, followed the
Christian virtues and put it clear that slavery was the only system of labor in which recognized
moral obligations enter into a contract. Moreover, the author adds that slavery practice held the
society together by the tie of moral duties assigned to the slaves, other than the society
depending on the irresponsible labor markets. In this article Edward J. Pringle asserts that people
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from the South practiced slavery, because they believed their property came with weighty claims
of humanity and Christian duty, and they, therefore, had to do as they knew was right to them
and the society as a whole.
The author actually tries to explain the difference in their perception of slavery and that
of other people practicing slavery. He compares the art of slavery in Carolina as the economic
system and not the capitalist system, where he describes how the capitalist slave activity was
like, and argues that the capitalists bought slaves and owned their bodies and souls, and their
contract ends there. In the economic system, they purchased slaves for the sake of the society to
end state wars, and they were also able to demand for forbearance from the rich.
In the other article entitled A working Man, the author shows how urban places changed
as the gap between the rich and the poor deepened. The author describes what the slaves’
lifestyle was during the slavery days. During the cold weather, the author demonstrates how they
were in thin clothes, such that the clothes became saturated, making the clothes stick to the skin
of the slaves. The slaves were treated miserably and they were not provided with clean water to
drink and they could sweat, because of how they were crammed in a small room with many other
slaves. However, the slaves used to drink contaminated water to quench their thirst ignoring the
fact that the water was contaminated. Other slaves could collapse down due to heat exposure to
them and some even ended up dead. The chance of diseases being spread easily in a small room
with many people were high, and the slaves faced this predicament every day of their lives. With
all this suffering the slaves encountered, they preferred to die and end their misery. 

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