Steps to Marketing-Microfiber Towel

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Steps to Marketing-Microfiber Towel
Steps to Marketing
Microfiber Towel
Every business needs an effective marketing plan. The purpose of the effective marketing
plan is to position better in the minds of the customers. In this contemporary business era, the
management of different companies conducts the marketing research to derive customer insights,
and accordingly, shapes the marketing plan. The marketing plan is triggered by the customer
attraction, which drives the sales and profitability. The most important thing is to give customers
an adequate knowledge of products and services. They can create the perception and come up
with the positive buying decisions.
In this comprehensive marketing plan, the emphasis is on the customer needs and
expectations. The firm has to develop a pertinent product that can meet the needs of customers in
the competitive market. After, the product development, the marketing plan can be shaped by the
The Product (Microfiber Towel)
The firm aims to develop the Microfiber Towel for customers. It is quite different from
the traditional towel people using in their homes. Target customers for this particular product are
households. However, this product can be used by anyone. The microfiber towel is linked with
the unique idea, which makes it purposeful. People can use it to clean the dust. Microfiber is
incredibly absorbent. Removing trap dust and moisture is effective. Microfiber is used for the
cleaning purpose. However, due to some technological improvements, it can be used in the form
of towels of different sizes. It is an attractive household product, and it can hit the market as a 
key alternative for customers. It can be used for dry-dusting, disinfecting, scrubbing, polishing,
and absorbing.
Marketing Plan (Preparation Steps & Action Steps)
In the marketing plan, there are several steps that the management of the company has to
follow to get the product in the limelight. The marketing plan is integrated with the customer
focus. The purpose is to streamline the product and enhance the visibility of sales. The
illustration of the marketing plan is as under
Identification of product benefits
Description of Benefits
The Microfiber Towel contains many benefits for customers. The biggest benefit that the
customer can gain is the effectiveness in the cleaning process. It is a fact that the towel contains
more than 200,000 fibers, which are effective in the cleaning process. Interestingly, it changes
the cleaning experience of customers, and it seems a big edge for the company. The company
aims to develop the microfiber towel that can enable 98.6 % cleaning or removing bacteria.
Another big benefit for customers is the deep cleaning. Apart from the physical parts of the body,
customers can pick up different things to clean the trapped dust and moisture. Due to the deep
cleaning benefit, the customer can enable from the cross-contamination.
Another key benefit of the Microfiber towel is that it is environmentally friendly. It is a
fact that customer can use this product to contribute to the sustainable environment. The impact
on the environment can be reduced by using this product because contains less usage of
chemicals and water. The towel can clean the surface, even without water. It is an alternative to 
the traditional cleaning methods. People can save water and reject the chemical cleaners to create
the positive impact on the environment (Kakud, 2015).
Microfiber Towel is also beneficial due to the disease prevention. Remarkably, it
improved the safety of people. For Instance, it has been revealed that chemical cleaners can
create the negative impact on the health of people. It is less risky and can contribute to the
healthy environment.
Problems Microfiber Solves
Microfiber solves many problems. For Instance, it seems difficult for people to remove
the trapped dust from different surfaces. However, through the static charge of the Microfiber
Towel, customers can remove the trapped dust from any surface. Thus, the customers do not
have to struggle with the cleaning process now. Also, customers are infected from different
germs, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. It seems a big problem. Germs are not visible in
these areas. Microfiber can be used as a solution to this problem. It creates the bacteria-free
environment in the kitchen and bathroom. Scrubbing can become easier by using this product.
Traditionally, people have to wet towels to remove dust on the floors. Now, Microfibers can be
used as the solution. Windows and glasses are tough to clean. However, the wet microfiber
eliminates this problem with the promising shine. Spills in homes and workplaces are tough to
remove. It can take much time. Dry Microfibers can do it in minutes. Thus, this product is the 

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