The Importance of Using Technology in Human Resource and how it Organizes the Department to be more Efficient and Effective

The Importance of Using Technology in Human Resource and how it Organizes the Department to be more Efficient and Effective




November 12, 2017

            The manual processes undertaken by the City of Detroit HR department caused many problems such as errors in the payroll and hence the need to adopt the Kiosk Machine. A Kiosk Machine is a user interface and system software which offers remote monitoring to enable multiple kiosks to be managed from a single location. Adopting a sophisticated means of a technological system was a critical aspect of resolving some of the issues that decreased the morale amongst the employees and the level efficiency as well as effectiveness within the department. Technology is a vital aspect of addressing security by dissuading users from maliciously attacking the manual systems put by the HR department. The questions investigated in this report are:

1.    What is the relationship of using technology in HR and efficiency of the department?

2.    How important was it for the City of Detroit to adopt the Kiosk Machine (new technology for the payroll system)?

3.    What is the relationship between the adoption of technology in HR and employees acceptance of the new payroll system?

4.     What is the impact of adopting the technology in the HR department on the human resource practices of the City of Detroit?

            To comprehensively address the questions posed, a literature review and detailed definition of human resource management are provided. Moreover, some of the human resource practices are elaborated explicitly in addition to the importance of technology in the human resource department. The literature review also explored challenges facing the City of Detroit. Methodology section contains the information on how data for this research project was collected. The study findings have been presented in addition to the conclusion and recommendations to be considered by the City of Detroit. The findings of this study depict that technology in the human resource department is critical for achieving efficiency and effectiveness. Some of the recommendations to the City’s HR department include automating other elements such as selection and recruitment as well as holding training and development seminars for all employees.


Table of Contents



Introduction and Rationale. 7

Background of Study. 9

Research Problem.. 10

Statement of Purpose. 13

Research Audience and Rationale. 13

Research Questions. 14

Scope of the Study. 14


Definition of HRM... 15

Features of Human Resource. 16

Objectives of Human Resource Management 16

Human Resource Practices. 17

Performance appraisal. 17

Career management. 18

Reward system. 19

Training. 20

Importance of Using Technology in Human Resource. 23

Technological Tools Used By Human Resource Professionals. 26

Procurement. 26

Employee development. 27

Compensation. 27

Employee relations, communication and work environment. 27

Decision making. 28

Human resource information system (HRIS) 28

Human Resource Related Problems Facing the City of Detroit 28

The revenue problem. 29


Research Approach. 31

Data Collection Approach. 31

Data Collection Procedures. 32

Data Analysis and Synthesis. 33

Methodological Limitations. 33


Introduction. 33

Research Findings. 34


Overview.. 39

Summary. 40

Conclusion. 41

Recommendations. 41



Figure 1 Overview of the HR roles. 36

Figure 2 Objectives of HRMIS. 37


Table 1 Payroll System Frequency Distribution. 38

Table 2 Compensation. 39


The Importance of Using Technology in HR and how it organizes the Department to be more efficient and effective

Chapter One: Definition of the Problem
Introduction and Rationale
            According to Woodford (2001), the City of Detroit was the best commercial center in America during the 18th century, although it later developed into a manufacturing city in the 19th century making it a target for starting business ventures.

            The City of Detroit has a problem in satisfying its employees, due to the human resource management problems that it faces. The problems arise due to the inadequate payment system that hinders the growth of companies and, at the same time, many employees in Detroit dislike it. Therefore, the administration has worked on solving this problem by introducing the Kiosk system that satisfies both the organization's management and the employees, while at the same time provides room for secure communication and controlling any payment errors that were prone in the previous system. Through the implementation of this Kiosk system, th 

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