The Role of the Internet in International Marketing


The Internet has greatly revolutionised the core dynamics of international business and
marketing world and, like the advanced telephone and fax machine, may be a significant
factors in the democratisation of capitalism. Smaller scale organisations will be capable of
enteringmore easily the international marketplace, and especially the consumers in emerging
markets will take advantage of the expanded variety of products, services, and information to
which the Internet will provide them access.
As far as the multinational organisations are concerned, they would adopt strategies to attain
fast increases in growth by means of advanced technologies, especially the Internet. This
rapid growth was followed by issues related to effective andprofessional techniques of getting
these new markets. In addition to the fast development in the Internet technology,principles
of communications also have changed and greatly affected the modern-day business and
marketing world. Internet provides among other advanced technologies provides a
fundamentally very different environment for internationalmarketing. More and more
organisations will have more liberty to find a product or service where it can best
beproduced, instead of near its market. Moreover, the conventional concepts of distance and
location, which have usually developed mixing andseparation, will be absolutely transformed
due to the rapid innovations in the technological world which are speedily diffusing.
Advanced technologies and ever-changing marketing communication developed new and
innovative market placefor end-users. Now, they can shop through internet more
conveniently whichsaves their precious time.
It is a fact that Internet among other advanced technologies has revolutionised the dynamics
of marketing communications.Much like the commencement of radio, television and
telephone affected the international marketing several years ago; now theInternet is turning
the past methods of marketing on their heads and re-forming the business’ environmental site.
It has been shown by experience that there will be victors and losers in the centre of these
transformations, but wecan stay on top by ensuring our endeavours in the field of Online
Marketing and Advertising.
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This is a critical review of the role of the Internet in International Marketing. In this regard,
this paper is going to prepare a critical review of the literature about the role of the Internet
and to demonstrate how the literature is confirmed or disconfirmed by practice.
Internet Marketing
In this era, there are many researchers and scholarly figures that have been facilitated with
wide-ranging information associated with internet marketing, its advantages andcontributing
role in the development of country and its business organisations. Internet marketing refers to
promotion of products and services over internet or digital marketing by which organisations
can target their market beyond the boundary of a country(Hammond, 2001).
Moreover, Hammond(2001) defined internet marketing as “web marketing”. Web marketing
integrates computer system as a way of communication with the intention of attaining the
core marketing objectives along with to advertise the product or service by means of
advanced wireless platforms of media. Moreover, a more diverse environment is provided by
the internet for the development of business along with international marketing. In fact,
internet refers to the network which includes various interweaved computer systems. This
network operatesall around the globe on the typical protocol and such protocol helps in
flowing and transferring the information/data between the linkedcomputer systems.
Internet Marketing and Theoretical Model
In past, when the internet was first introduced in the world and when it was not so popular,
organisations were confused to employ this technology would be successful or not
(Villanueva, Yoo and Hanssens, 2008). Now, if organisations do not employ internet, they
find their business left behind with fast changing digital marketing (Villanueva, Yoo and
Hanssens, 2008). In past, online marketing was not feasible for underdeveloped parts of the
world because of unavailability of this technology. However, at present with the fast
development of technology, it has become feasible for organisations to best exploit the
internet for marketing purpose.
Gommans, Scheffold and Krishnan (2001) presented a theoretical model and according to
this, e-loyalty and brand recognition develop different approaches including attention on
traditional product system, vendor controlled, and much more, into a consumer driven,
distribution prone and technology knowledge concept. Moreover, the argument of Wang
(2008) is that programmes related to customer loyalty or e-loyalty are dependent heavily on 
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the customer services, which is a method to distinguis 

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