Topic: Effects of Online Advertisement towards Newsprint Advertisement:

This thesis has been written to explore effects of online advertisement toward newsprint
advertisement. Emphasis will be laid on a case study of Star Online and Star Newspaper, which
are the leading English news media in Malaysia. Newspapers, whether print or online, are major
and key advertisement preferences for products particularly owing to their wide readership.
Circulation and accessibility of these advertisement media are focused on, with
recommendations on ways and means of ensuring increased readership and access. Key
measures toward choosing an effective newspaper medium through analysis of advantages and
disadvantages of each medium has been explored.
The thesis has also presented a practical case of Star Online and Star Newsprint as a guide to
future advertisement decisions for the marketing industry. The first part of this paper is a
guideline for conducting the investigation. Part two is a review of literature on the topic and
includes key recommendations. However, this research is not conclusive of this topic, and any
future research should tackle issues not addressed in this paper 

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