Value Proposition in Patient Care

 Value Proposition in Patient Care
The value proposition is a business or management term that denotes the benefits that are
offered by an organization or a firm’s services or products. In other words, the benefits may
entail profits or conveniences derived from the services or products. The subject of value
proposition mostly concerns organizational behavior or strategies to address customer needs.
Overall, the value proposition is the prediction or assurance of value to be delivered, and the
belief customers have of experiencing and receive the intended value. The practice of value
proposition is common among various industries (Hussey, Wertheimer & Mehrotra, 2013). In the
recent past, the trend has been extended to the health care system thus prompting most providers
to keep up with the pace. Most institutions have not adopted yet the modern value propositions
methods that aim at improving care in the sector and increasing profits in most for-profit
organizations and institutions. Therefore, it is against this backdrop that the paper seeks to
examine and suggest best value proposition methods for Paradise Hospital. Subsequent
paragraphs will cover the meaning of value added services, identify functional areas and identify
specific areas where value can be added by the top management of the hospital.
Health care system comprises of many players who are competing for patients and
clients. In this light, providers strive to win over as many clients and patients as possible. To
achieve this, providers in the sector employ various methodologies to help them stand out among
their rivals. Businesses that stand out in the competition are said to have a stronger competitive
advantage over the others. Mostly, the focus is always on clients and patients in need of health
care services. Thus, studies have revealed that value proposition forms the basis of a strong
competitive advantage. Additionally, Paradise Hospital should focus on improving and
introducing new unrivaled practices in the health sector to lead the pack.  

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