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Learners and Learning Context: Identifying the Specifics of the EAL Environment

Teaching English as an additional language is a challenging task due to the numerous objectives that the instructor must accomplish and the need to keep the learners engaged consistently (Han & Hyland, 2015). The problem becomes especially complicated once the needs of students learning English as an Additional Language (EAL) are addressed. The target audience can be described as students who speak languages other than English (Australian English in this case) and who need to develop skills related to speaking Australian English (Victoria State Government, 2016).

Representation of African Americans in the film industry

Representation of African Americans in the film industry The initial movies produced in the American film industry were characterized by racism and stereotyping of African Americans. According to Cutler and Klotman (15-18), the black race appeared to be the most discriminated group in the history of the movie industry. In this regard, movies that were produced before the 1930s portrayed blacks as slaves who had no place in American society. An example is the film Birth of a Nation produced in 1915 by D.W Griffith. The film presented uncivilized images of African Americans. As a result, it provoked massive protests throughout the country (Bogle 10-18). Although th

Archaic Rules and Regulations Guiding Attires in China

With the establishment of different socio-economic classes came the passing of rules and regulations on the everyday mode of dressing in order to differentiate the rich from the poor. The Zhou Dynasty (1,046-256 BC) brought about national laws on clothing and individual accessories, differentiating various categories of clothing together with court gowns and dresses for a wedding ceremony. This custom was out of order during the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC) and the Warring States Period (475-221 BC) when strict rules on mode of dressing, cloth and accessories production were abolished, and the unrestrained privileged class holding hereditary mode of dressing was developed (Perkins, 2000). The rulers of the Han Dynasty (206-220 AD) adopted the Zhou Dynasty traditions in passing laws on clothing and accessories.

The Evolution of Clothes in China from the 19th Century to the Middle 20th Century

Researchers have explicitly noted that clothing or the mode of dressing signifies or illustrates an understanding of modernity as an extension of ancestral tradition. Over 100 years ago, the people of China clothed in outfits that were very different from those dressed nowadays (“Clothing,” 2020). Chinese men are normally robed in a short coat and long free-moving garment. The upper-class females, who were hardly ever seen in public, dressed in a long coat over a pleated skirt. It is not always simple to differentiate between ordinary clothes and stylish clothes. Particularly, these days, couturiers repeatedly use cheap and well-designed clothing materials for creativity.

An adult learner’s reflection on needs, characteristics, and motivations

An adult learner’s reflection on needs, characteristics, and motivations It is worth noting that individual learners’ views on needs, characteristics, and motivation are more or less similar to those addressed by educational articles. For instance, a learner’ needs can be compared with any of the needs illustrated by experts on their articles on adult learning and distance learning. The learner’s characteristics and approaches to learning are comparable to the characteristics outlined in most educational articles on adult learners. For the motivation to learning, an individual learner is likely to be motivated by comparable elements that motivate other adult learners.

Musical Preferences: Race and Gender Influences

The modern world has brought about many changes in the way race, gender and styles are viewed by the society. The media has a lot of influence on people’s demand for the types of music. There is some race and gender specific domination, which are portrayed as powerful and popular. For some time, certain genres of music have been dominated by different people. There is no denying that rap and hip hop are created by African Americans. Even a great number of jazz compositions are not dominated by white population. But most recently, the music has become much more open minded. However, this has not taken away certain genres from groups of people. There are individual artists who might become prosperous in a different genre but other than that, there is a division. There are also specifics about gender. Women are shown to play the role of possessions while men are shown promiscuous and are judged by the amount of women they can get as a form of social status.

Adult Learners: Needs Characteristics and Motivation

Nearly all educational studies pertinent to distance learning reveal an increasing number of nontraditional students’ enrollment in schools, especially in the institutions of higher learning and traditional public colleges (Ross-Gordon, 2011). The last two or three decades have seen dramatic increases in adults seeking education. For instance, nontraditional students in institutions of higher learning account for approximately 73% (Ronny Washington, 2013). Precisely, students above the age of 25 constitute more than 38% of all enrollment (Ross-Gordon, 2011). It is projected that the number of adults seeking education will remain the same or even increase.

The role of mise en scène in understanding The Godfather

The role of mise en scène in understanding The Godfather According to the screenwriters, the lasting effect of The Godfather describes the state of America by having a vision filled with an understanding of the fundamental contradictions inherent in all human beings. Therefore, the screenwriters deliver a theme of madness, glory, and failure of the American dream, by exploring the dream in an Italian-American term, hence, succeeding in providing a view of the relationship between the Italian and the American culture. In filmmaking, images encompass the same preoccupation with effect and expression

The Godfather Film: Mise-en-scène and Techniques

The Godfather is a crime film directed by Francis Ford Coppola (1972). The screenplay is by Coppola and Mario Puzo. The first two parts form the most celebrated films, and many viewers consider the second part equal to or more advanced than the first part. However, the first part achieved tremendous success in the film market (Phillips, 2007).

Why Should We Limit the Amount of Homework? Persuasive Essay

Why Should We Limit the Amount of Homework? Persuasive Essay When asking students about the worst thing they find in their studies, they are likely to mention homework. Of course, if students had the right to change the system of education, they would definitely ban homework. Some may say that children and adolescents do not understand what is best for them and, hence, their arguments concerning homework should not be taken into account. However, students are often overloaded by tasks and this negatively affects their learning outcomes, researchers state (Parker, 2014). The extensive bulk of research shows that homework has its benefits but they are outweighed by its downsides. This paper dwells upon pitfalls of homework.

Career Research Paper: Teaching History in High School

Career Research Paper: Teaching History in High School When choosing a career, it is essential to think of one’s own skills and preferences. As for me, it is quite easy to pick a career, as I have always been fascinated with History. Of course, this is my favorite discipline and I can add that I have gone far beyond the curriculum. Clearly, there are still gaps to fill in and I believe I will learn more during my study at college. However, I also understand that teaching History is not about knowing some dates, names and facts. An effective teacher of History should have the necessary knowledge and skills to use the right methodology and to address major issues existing in the field. It is important to identify these issues to be ready to pay specific attention to them when studying at college.

Why Do People Attend College?

Why Do People Attend College? Higher education has been valued for thousands of years. From ancient Greeks to modern day colleges, higher education is a goal for many young people. It can be an expensive and stressful process, but year after year millions of students apply for higher education all over the world. Its benefits outweigh the negatives, or at least this is the perception that exists within society. The benefits of higher education include the specialized knowledge that can only be attained in college or university, increased employment opportunity from having a college education degree, and social interaction which leads to improvement of social skills. This paper will explore the reasons why people attend college.

Mathematical Skills in Early Childhood Education

Mathematical Skills in Early Childhood Education According to Copley, early childhood is a significant period of successful school learning (58). Early childhood teachers believe that learning mathematics is a necessary activity. Children’s exposure to learning mathematics is an indication of success in later school learning activities. Young children can understand things better than adults because they are natural learners. Integrating mathematics into everyday routines enables young children to develop strong academic foundations from which they grow as learners. Introducing young children to learn mathematics at a pre-school age prepares them to become future scientists.

Theories and Their Use in the Change Management Process

Theories and Their Use in the Change Management Process When considering the subject matter and especially addressing the current propensity toward the teach-to-the-test (TttT) in the UAE academic environment, one must consider an appropriate theory of curriculum development. It should be borne in mind, though, that each of the current frameworks has its strengths and limitations, thus, allowing improving certain areas, yet creating premises for teachers to fail miserably in others. Therefore, it can be suggested that a combination of several frameworks should be considered a necessity in a case in point.

Why college should not be free

Opponents of free college argue that it would strain public budgets and compel taxpayers to pay more taxes to fund the program (Lane, 2015). As a result, it would lead to a shortage of access. According to Lane (2015), free tuition would make higher education accessible to many people but less excellent because of difficulties in administering flooded colleges. In addition, students could flood the system and make it ineffective or raise costs (Lane, 2015). High costs would necessitate further federal subsidies that could mean a higher burden for taxpayers. Free tuition could also lower the quality of education because available resources would have to be shared or distributed among many students (Lane, 2015)

College Tuition at Arizona Public Institutions Why college tuition should be free

Why college should not be free Education is one of the most important pillars of America’s economic, political, and social prosperity. In that regard, it is important for everyone to have access to quality and affordable education. In the United States, citizens have access to free education in public schools starting from kindergarten through 12th grade (Samuels, 2013). High school education is not enough to guarantee success in life because, without a degree, it is difficult to get a well-paying job. It is important to make college free in Arizona and across the United States because of the high cost of tuition prevents many people from pursuing higher education.

CBT in group and family settings Post an explanation of how the use of CBT in groups compares to its use in family settings. Provide specific examples from your own practicum experiences. Then, explain at least two challenges counselors might encounter when using CBT in the group setting. Support your response with specific examples from this week’s media. CBT in Group and Family Settings

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) uses cognitive restructuring to change the maladaptive negative thinking pattern and behavior into a positive thinking pattern. CBT hypothesizes that an individual can be vulnerable to maladaptive thinking pattern of self, surrounding and the world in general. The focus of this discussion on the use of CBT in family and group settings (Thimm & Liss, 2014) CBT in group and family settings.

NR449 RUA: Topic Search Strategy Clinical Question

In today's intricate healthcare system, providing patient information during shift report to the oncoming nurse, is a time of great liability and risk. Effective and accurate communication can improve overall quality of care for patients and reduce the amount of errors and injuries. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine (2016), medical errors and injuries are the third leading cause of death in the U.S. Improving patient safety trends by performing shift report at bedside can reduce the number of medical errors and injury in the healthcare setting. Including patients in the plan of care process will help them gain knowledge about their treatment and improve overall satisfaction ratin

NR449 RUA Topic Search Strategy Clinical Question

For our group and individual RUA project, we are asked to focus on searching about nursing burnout during pandemic. Prior to the pandemic nursing burnouts was already an issue in healthcare settings. Shortage of nurses is one of the leading causes of nursing burnouts. As the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world, numbers of nursing burnouts are even more increased. According to study “Their advisory highlighted that an increase of 15.6% of nurse burnout during COVID-19 pandemic and that emergency room nurses were at higher risk” (Chaudoin 2020).

"Multicultural Struggles in American Educational History"

Multicultural Struggles in American Educational History Minority education has been an area of concern in the American Educational System due to the cultural diversity and socio-economic imbalances that the multicultural students in bore with them. The US Department of Education reports that 12 percent of the students enrolled in public elementary and secondary schools in 1990 were Hispanics and their number is expected to be higher. Hispanic Americans in the US consist mainly of Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, Central and South Americans, Caribbean Americans and Cubans. Since the Hispanic Americans came from diverse nations and backgrounds with distinctive histories and political experiences, it becomes difficult for them to cope up with the American cultural identity and this has resulted in multicultural issues in the American educational system

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